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Paranormal Romance - 1st POV - snarky, sassy, dark comedy, DUET narration ▼

by Vanessa Moyen

M - F Dialogue - British, Fantasy, Romance - 1st POV ▼

by Vanessa Moyen

YA Fantasy - 1st POV - conversational, youthful, comedic ▼

by Vanessa Moyen

Romance - Cozy, Warm - 3rd POV - Woman + Child Dialogue ▼

by Vanessa Moyen

RomCom - 3rd POV - 1st POV (breaks 4th wall), Fantasy, Comedic, Conversational ▼

by Vanessa Moyen


Podium Audio voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Deyan Audio voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Simon & Schuster voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Audio Sorceress voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Audible voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Findaway Voices voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Macmillan voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Beacon Audio Press voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Lyric Audiobooks voiced by Vanessa Moyen
Pearson Education voiced by Vanessa Moyen

Audiobook Reviews

AudioFile review, Dare You to Lie Amber Lynn Natusch

“Narrator Vanessa Moyen is perfectly in tune with Ky’s fast-paced, sarcastic tone. Ky is on a dual mission to get to the truth behind the sex photo scandal that forced her to leave town and to find evidence to prove her father innocent of shooting a fellow FBI agent. Moyen’s delivery drives Ky’s dialogue with friends and enemies of both genders. In particular, Moyen ably portrays the steroid-hyped football star who is intent on foiling Ky’s attempts to find the truth, which turns out to be much more sinister than one imagines.”

Audiofile Magazine, Women and Other Monsters, Jess Zimmerman

“Vanessa Moyen’s narration is the perfect blend of the heartfelt and the academic in this collection of essays about the feminist possibilities of female monsters. Moyen smoothly imbues her narration with passion, wit, and the occasional rumble of anger. Whether the essays are about the Sirens, the objectification of women in the media, the saga of the Odyssey, fat phobia, or something else, Moyen modulates her voice perfectly to match the material, creating a cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.”

Leia Stone, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Vanessa is the best narrator I have ever worked with. She’s narrated over twenty books for me and I keep coming back because of the rich talent in her voice and how wonderful she is to work with. She has a built in fanbase and my readers are always asking if my next book will be cast with her. I highly recommend working with her.”

Jaymin Eve, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Vanessa is one of my favourite narrators. It’s always a delight to work with her. Not only is she professional, meets every deadline, and delivers an amazing product, she also goes above and beyond to bring the characters to life. My readers adore her. I adore her. Couldn’t recommend her services more.”

Audrey Grey, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Working with Vanessa has been a dream! Not only is she incredibly professional and easy to work with, but her talent for a wide range of voices in any genre makes her my go-to narrator. Her unique ability to capture the characters’ personalities and bring them to life has garnered her a large following of listeners and, in my humble opinion, makes her one of the best voice actors in the industry. Can’t wait to collaborate with her on more projects!”

Jennifer Weil, USA Today bestselling author

“The best thing I ever did was contact Vanessa! She is an absolute dream to work with, from top quality work to her professionalism. I look forward to working with her again and again in the future. Once you find someone with her level of expertise, no one else compares! I can’t praise her services enough!”

Krista Street, USA TODAY bestselling author

​“Vanessa is a dream to work with. She’s reliable, hard working, is insanely organized, and does amazing work. I cannot recommend her enough!”