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With over a decade of experience in the VO biz, and 5 years as a full time audiobook narrator, I’m here to guide you through all the ins and outs of building and sustaining a career in voiceover.

What Can I Expect? A cheerleader approach, combined with real, tactical tips, tools and resources will leave you feeling confident and energized after each session.

Cool! Where do I Start?

  • If you’re more of a DIY-er, I’ve created the QuickStart Guides below just for you! They’re packed with info, resources and tips, and are the roadmaps I wished I had when I was starting out in Voiceover.
  • If you’d like a more personalized, step-by-step plan (hand holding included!), book a 1:1 coaching session below! I love helping people get started and find their niche in the industry, but am also here to help at whatever point in your career you’re at!
  • If you’re ready to go all out, check out the All Inclusive package, which combines both of the Guides and Coaching at a discounted rate!
The Home Studio Guide (For Non-Techies) by Vanessa Moyen
The Home Studio Guide (For Non-Techies) $25.00

In this quick and easy-to-digest guide on home studios (for non-techies), I’ll walk you through how I started with a cardboard box, mattress topper and a USB mic, and built my way up to a fancy, double walled, ventilated in-home studio.

I’ve included links, pictures and quick tips to help eliminate the overwhelming stress and guess work that goes into building a home studio. No matter your budget, there’s a solution! I’m living proof that you don’t need anything fancy to get started and to be successful in VoiceOver!

In this guide, we’ll also cover:

  • Why we need a home studio as VO artists
  • My Start Studio in depth
  • Where to buy equipment
  • When to upgrade your equipment
  • My Mid-Range studio in depth
  • My Mac-Daddy Studio in depth …and more!
The Ultimate Voiceover QuickStart Guide by Vanessa Moyen
The Ultimate Voiceover QuickStart Guide $25.00

Always dreamed of making a living off of doing silly voices? This quick and easy starter guide is designed to help you launch your career in the voiceover world!

Packed into this guide, you’ll find almost a decade’s worth of knowledge covering basic mic technique, home studio info, audition techniques, how to find an agent, union vs non-union, VO vocabulary, pro tips and tricks, and more. We’ll dive into each subcategory within voiceover so you can walk away feeling confident in how to navigate this world. I’ve also highlighted some “Voiceover Vocabulary” throughout the PDF, and defined them at the end of this guide for you to access at any point. You’ll also find links embedded throughout that’ll take you right to the sources I reference. My hope is that this guide will debunk some of the elusive mysteries of building a career in the coolest niche in the ‘biz!

The Book Bundle by Vanessa Moyen
The Bundle $45.00

To get your VO business off the ground, bundle both guides together for 10% off!

**If you’ve already bought the Quickstart Guide separately, shoot me an email and I’ll honor the bundle rate**

Vanessa Moyen Private Voiceover Coaching Sessions
Private Coaching 1 hour session $60

Let’s spend an hour together discussing all things VO! Our sessions will take place virtually at this time. I can’t wait!

Vanessa Moyen Audiobook Narration 101
Audiobook Narration 101 $50.00

1 hour private coaching session
Narration is a completely separate niche nestled in the VO world and comes with its own skill set.  In this hour long private session, we’ll cover everything you need to get started in audiobook narration!

You’ll learn:

  • What you need to get started
  • How to find your genre
  • Tips on how to book the job
  • How to create your narration demos
  • How to create a strong narration profile
  • Insider tips and tricks on the narration process start to finish
  • How to prep a manuscript

Get all the info you need to launch your career into the fastest growing and most lucrative market in the book business!

Vanessa Moyen All-Inclusive Voiceover Package
The All-Inclusive $175.00

15% off! 3 coaching sessions + both the Voiceover Quickstart Guide + Home Studio Guide

For anyone looking for a full VO career launch, the All Inclusive package is the way to go! You’ll get all the info in both the Quickstart Guide + the Home Studio Guide, plus 3 one-on-one sessions that will include:

  • How to get started
  • How to find your voice
  • How to create a strong brand to market yourself
  • How to set up online profiles
  • Basic auditioning skills
  • How to create samples and demos
  • Where to find work …and more!

This coaching comes with Vanessa’s “Voiceover Quickstart Guide” PDF and the “Home Studio Guide” PDF

Vanessa Moyen PDF Voiceover Bundle and Coaching
The PDF Bundle + Coaching $90.00

1 hour private coaching session + both the Voiceover Quickstart Guide + Home Studio Guide

Geared toward those who want all the info in the PDFs, and a one-on-one session where we can create personalized game plan for how to launch their career. We’ll meet you at whatever level  you’re at!

Similar to the newbie bundle, we’ll cover:

  • How to launch your VO career
  • Tips on setting up your home studio
  • Basic auditioning skills
  • Finding your niche in the market
  • Where to find work
  • Q&A – ask me anything!

This coaching comes with Vanessa’s “Voiceover Quickstart Guide” PDF and the “Home Studio Guide” PDF

Vanessa Moyen Voiceover Newbie Coaching Package
The Voiceover Newbie Package $75.00

1 hour private coaching session + the Voiceover QuickStart Guide PDF
Perfect for anyone just starting out who wants to learn more about the VO Biz and how to find their voice!

In this 60 minute private consultation, we’ll cover:

  • How to get started
  • Tips on setting up your home studio
  • Basic auditioning skills
  • Finding your niche in the market
  • Where to find work
  • Q&A – ask me anything!

This coaching comes with Vanessa’s “Voiceover Quickstart Guide” PDF packed with all the info you need to get your VO career off the ground!

Coaching Reviews

Zachary Johnson

“I would readily recommend Vanessa’s coaching to any voice actor or narrator looking to better their understanding of both their craft and the industry as a whole. I walked away from my coaching sessions with a clear and precise understanding of the steps I needed to be taking and the work each step would involve. She is knowledgeable, great to work with, and readily able to cater her lessons to your goals and experience level. If bettering your voice acting career is your goal, you’ve found your coach.”

Sydney Schleicher

“I came to Vanessa with no knowledge or experience in the industry, and in the first coaching session I already learned so many helpful tips on how to start my career. She is incredibly sweet, personable, and knowledgeable. She tailors the sessions to your needs, and is very encouraging. She made me feel comfortable enough to try out character voices and try different things that felt a little silly doing in front of another person. I could not have found a more awesome mentor.”

Vicki Hanes

“If you want to see what the voiceover world is all about, you have to read Vanessa’s Voiceover Quickstart Guide! Her book is packed with all of the info (and vocab!) you need to get started. This book answered all of my questions about the VO world and it’s beautifully formatted. I also love that she shared how her career started and what it’s like now. The Voiceover Quickstart Guide motivated me to finally start my own VO career. It’s comforting to know I have this guide to go back too anytime I need it!”